10 Challenges With IT Managed Services (and How to Avoid Them)

Most Common Challenges With IT Managed Services

10 Challenges With IT Managed Services (and How to Avoid Them)


Businesses are increasingly turning to IT managed services providers (MSPs) to handle their IT needs. However, it’s crucial to recognize that many MSPs fall short in their capabilities. This leads businesses to face various IT managed services challenges, striving to cover all bases and avoid oversights.

For business owners, it’s reasonable to expect your MSP to be a solution provider, not a source of additional problems due to incompetence or inexperience.  

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards remote work have caused a surge in the MSP market. Predictions suggest it could grow to $557.1 billion USD globally by 2028. This growth has led to market oversaturation, making it even more vital to ensure your business avoids MSPs that are underperforming and struggling with their own IT challenges.

In this blog, we aim to guide you through the common challenges faced with IT managed services providers. We will provide insights on how to avoid or manage these issues. Additionally, we’ll cover what to seek in a competent and qualified MSP, one that simplifies rather than complicates your IT operations.


10 Common IT Managed Services Challenges Businesses Face (and How to Resolve Them)

IT managed services play a critical role. Yet, many businesses encounter recurring challenges with these services. This section delves into the most prevalent issues businesses face with their IT managed services providers.

More importantly, it offers practical solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges, ensuring your IT operations run smoothly and efficiently.


1. Inadequate Support and Response Times

Businesses frequently encounter slow response times from MSPs, hindering immediate IT support needs. To address this, it’s important to select MSPs with a history of quick and effective issue resolution (vital, given even small businesses can lose thousands of dollars due to downtime).

Look for those with specific response time commitments in their service level agreements and established communication protocols.

2. Sub-Par Technical Expertise and Knowledge

A notable issue with many MSPs is a lack of deep technical knowledge, leading to ongoing IT managed services provider challenges. When choosing an MSP, verify their industry certifications and request case studies that showcase their technical capabilities.

Opt for providers that emphasize regular training for their staff and have a team with diverse specializations.

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3. Lack of Adequate Staff Capacity/Resources

Some MSPs struggle to provide sufficient resources, impacting their service quality. It’s crucial to evaluate the MSP’s client-to-staff ratio and its approach to resource management.

Choose MSPs that can demonstrate effective capacity planning and maintain a balanced workload to ensure consistent, high-quality IT support.

4. Inadequate Maintenance Strategies

Businesses often face issues with MSPs not maintaining IT systems effectively, leading to frequent breakdowns or outdated technology. This is particularly problematic for tech-reliant operations.

It’s crucial to partner with an MSP that prioritizes ongoing maintenance and ensures your business operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

5. Poor Compatibility with Existing IT Infrastructure/Applications

A key IT managed services provider challenge is ensuring the MSP can seamlessly integrate with and enhance existing IT systems and applications. Many MSPs, however, lack the expertise for effective integration, causing compatibility issues that disrupt network and security services.

Choosing an MSP with a strong background in diverse IT environments is essential for optimal performance.


6. Lack of Security Monitoring and Threat Protection

Robust security measures are non-negotiable. Unfortunately, some MSPs lack in providing adequate security, due to limited expertise or resources. This leads to weak threat protection and response strategies.

In a work-from-home world, one vulnerable device can jeopardize the entire network, making it vital to select an MSP with a strong focus on advanced security monitoring and incident response.

7. Network Stability Issues/Outages

Network outages and stability issues are common with MSPs lacking in monitoring and maintenance capabilities. These disruptions can be costly for businesses reliant on consistent IT access.

Ensuring your MSP has the expertise and resources for reliable network maintenance and quick problem resolution is key to minimizing service interruptions.

8. Inefficient Management of Hosted/Cloud-Based Services

While cloud-based services offer significant advantages, their management can be challenging for MSPs without specialized expertise. This often leads to inefficient cloud services that fail to deliver expected cost and resource savings.

When selecting an MSP for cloud services, it’s important to assess their experience and capability in managing advanced cloud technologies effectively. For a comprehensive guide on selecting the right IT provider, refer to the CloudSecureTech’s checklist here


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9. Challenges in Managing Expansive IT Environments

Modern businesses often operate with extensive networks, encompassing everything from computers to IoT devices. However, effectively managing these sprawling IT environments requires significant expertise and resources.

MSPs lacking in these areas may lead to problems like sluggish network performance and security risks due to outdated software. Partner with an MSP skilled in handling large-scale, diverse IT ecosystems to avoid these pitfalls and ensure smooth business operations.

10. Inadequate Customer Support and Communication

A major managed services provider challenge is subpar customer support and poor communication. Difficulties in contacting tech support or understanding billing processes can be major obstacles for businesses relying on seamless IT services.

To circumvent these issues, businesses should thoroughly evaluate potential MSPs, focusing on their reputation for excellent customer service and clear, efficient communication. Opting for an MSP with a proven track record in these areas is key to a reliable and stress-free partnership.


Save Your Business From These Managed Services Provider Challenges

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