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Unlock Efficiencies with a Certified IT Support Team That Transformed 40+ Companies Across Indiana and Ohio

What Makes Us One of the Leading IT Support Companies in Indianapolis

Eliminate recurring issues, implement streamlined technologies, take back control of costs with top IT company solutions.

Why choose Sondhi Solutions for Information technology (IT) support in Indianapolis?

  • Achieve seamless business operations with our 24/7/365 IT helpdesk, backed by a 95.7% CSAT score
  • Resolve issues before they impact your business with as little as 14.86-minute response times and clear SLOs
  • Protect your digital assets with our full-service cybersecurity support, led by certified experts
  • Streamline your cloud operations with our end-to-end cloud support, including for migrations
  • Gain strategic insights with our vCIO support, leveraging 14+ years of industry experience

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What Our Comprehensive IT Support Services Offer in Indianapolis

Tiered IT Support for Quick Resolutions

Frustrated with slow issue resolution? Experience our tiered support system.

All incidents start with a Tier 1 for basic troubleshooting. If needed, it escalates to Tier 2 and Tier 3, our most qualified IT support specialists in Indianapolis.

With a 14.86-minute average response time, your IT issues are resolved before they become business problems.

Full-Service Cybersecurity from an Expert IT Support Team in Indianapolis

Tired of worrying about cyber threats?

Rely on our Indianapolis IT support firm to elevate your cybersecurity. Unlike most MSPs, we offer full-service cybersecurity protections, not just as an add-on but as a core service. Our team holds CISSP ISSP, GCIA, CompTIA Security Plus, and other top certifications.

No more sleepless nights; your IT is in expert hands. Enjoy proven security services trusted to keep 4,461 endpoints secure.

End-to-End IT Support from a Single Provider for Your Indianapolis Business

Struggling with rising IT costs?

Streamline your budget with our all-encompassing plan. As one of the leading IT support companies in Indianapolis, we offer complete end-to-end IT support, all managed in-house.

You get one invoice from one vendor, making financial planning a breeze.

And with an average IT issue resolution time of just 4.49 hours, you save not just money but time.

Access to a Qualified IT Support Team in Indianapolis Anytime

Can’t find the right IT talent? Optimize your staffing with us.

We’re not just a managed IT support provider in Indianapolis; we’re a full-service IT staffing firm. We connect you with qualified applicants, ensuring you have the right people for the right job.

With 40+ companies supported across Indiana and Ohio, you know you’re in good hands.

Rely On Our IT Support for Strategic IT Roadmapping

Is your IT not aligned with your business goals?

Let’s change that. We work closely with you to create a customized technology roadmap. Our monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews keep you informed and aligned.

With a 95.7% CSAT score, you can trust our IT support expertise to get you where you need to go.

Trust Our IT Support in Indianapolis To Protect Your Business Data

Work with a proactive team that responds to issues in as little as 14 minutes

Leverage the Benefits of Our IT Support in Indianapolis

Indianapolis IT Support Provider

Seamless Onboarding Through Our IT Support

Switching IT support providers for your business in Indianapolis?

Gain peace of mind with our structured client onboarding process. From kick-off to post-deployment, every step is meticulously planned. Avoid the chaos of transition; we’ve got it down to a science. This includes both remote and on-site IT support options, ensuring that no matter where you are, our team is ready to assist.

Benefit from our average onboarding time of just 34 days by partnering with the leading IT support company in Indianapolis.

Your team will be up and running on our systems without missing a beat, ensuring a smooth handover and zero downtime.

IT Support in Indianapolis IN

Benefit from Transparent SLOs with Indianapolis IT Support Company

Confused by hidden terms?

Get clarity with our transparent Service Desk SLOs. Know exactly what to expect and how to maximize the value of any service desk request.

Achieve peace of mind with our IT support specialists in Indianapolis, offering a clearly outlined scope, including critical resolution times as low as 1 hour.

No more guessing games; you’re always in the loop.

Indianapolis IT Support

Scalable Managed IT Support for Your Indianapolis Business

Growing fast or scaling down? Adapt effortlessly with our scalable service levels. Your IT costs adjust as your end-user count changes, all presented monthly and adjusted quarterly.

Our IT support services in Indianapolis provide unmatched flexibility with per-endpoint pricing that allows you to adjust your services as your business grows.

Pay only for the services you need and never for those you don’t, when you choose us for managed services.

Enhanced IT Solutions Offered by a Leading IT Support Company in Indianapolis

Indianapolis IT Support FAQs

Expect rapid solutions and more as part of our IT support services in Indianapolis. Our average IT issue resolution time is 4.49 hours.

Gain peace of mind knowing that our Tier 1 to Tier 3 support structure, designed to support businesses in Indianapolis, is tailored to escalate and resolve your complex issues efficiently. Eliminate the stress of downtime and productivity loss.

Rest easy, knowing that we prioritize your urgent needs with a response time that averages just 14.86 minutes.

Safeguard your business comprehensively. With our full-service cybersecurity protections, you’re not just getting a firewall; you’re getting a fortress.

Benefit from a team that holds ISSP, GCIA, and CISSP certifications. We’re not just a managed IT support provider; we’re your cybersecurity sentinel.

Our cyber leadership team is composed of active-duty military with experience in cyber-defense, ensuring that your data is protected with military-grade security.

Scale effortlessly and with precision with our Indianapolis IT support. Our pricing adapts to your business size, adjusting quarterly.

Achieve seamless alignment as your endpoint counts change. We’ve got you covered whether you have 50 or 600 employees.

Plus, if your endpoints exceed 150, our embedded model offers an on-site consultant at no additional charge, making scaling a breeze.

Receive comprehensive insights and actionable data from our IT support specialists in Indianapolis. Our Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Business Reviews include customer satisfaction reports and Help Desk KPIs.

Drive your IT strategy with data, not guesswork. Make informed decisions based on metrics like the number of tickets processed and SLAs met or breached.

Your IT roadmap has never been clearer.

Avoid transition headaches and ensure business continuity. Our structured onboarding process is meticulously planned, from kick-off to post-deployment.

Experience a seamless shift with an average onboarding time of 34 days. We coordinate with your previous IT support provider for a smooth handover, including software removal and network configuration, so you can focus on what you do best.q


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