Employee Spotlight: Monty McDougal


Employee Spotlight: Monty McDougal

Welcome to our latest Employee Spotlight feature! This time, we’re thrilled to introduce Monty McDougal, our esteemed Lead Technical Consultant at Sondhi Solutions. Monty’s journey into the IT world is as unique as his skill set, blending a passion for problem-solving with a surprising twist in his educational background.

What inspired you to pursue a career in IT and join our service desk team?
I decided to pursue a career in IT because I enjoy helping people and I’ve always been around computers. I figured why not use that to my advantage. (Also, there’s not a big call locally for 3D animators, which was what my degree is for)

Can you describe a particularly challenging IT issue you’ve successfully resolved recently?
Recently, I was asked to troubleshoot a new piece of equipment that I had no exposure to before. The devices seemed pretty straight forward, but I had to research for a couple of hours, before I came across the setting that was preventing things from updating correctly.

What’s your favorite part about working on the service desk and assisting our clients?
I really enjoy getting to meet new people. I find that being a part of an MSP gives me exposure to many different companies and people. This also exposes me to technology that is different for each client and allows me to continue learning on the job.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and developments in IT support?
Most of the time I am learning as I go. My training is based on what is needed for the specific issues that are submitted. With holding multiple jobs, I don’t have a lot of time outside of work to research and keep up with the latest tech.

Could you share a memorable client success story or experience that made a significant impact on you?
I remember one Halloween that a client’s servers went down and I drove back downtown after trick or treating with my kids to get their equipment back online. The client was extremely grateful and I’m now treated almost as an employee there.

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to clients to help them optimize their IT experience?
Please remember that we’re here to help and sometimes that will require some time to research an issue. Please don’t expect that we always know the answer as soon as you call in or submit a ticket. Sometimes we need to learn to, which is one of the great things I love about Sondhi Solutions. They allow us to embrace curiosity.

When you’re not busy at the service desk, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
When I’m not working at Sondhi Solutions, I can be found either spending time with my kids or working my second job, which is more or less a paid hobby, coaching axe throwing at Hoosier Brewing Company in Greenwood.

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