LinkedIn Profile Tips From Our Recruiters

Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Tips From Our Recruiters

LinkedIn Tip From Our Recruiters
LinkedIn Tip From Our Recruiters

Today’s world isn’t just about your resume. Gone are the days of cover letters (No one liked writing those anyways, so let’s do a little cheer). In are the days of LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a great tool for getting hired when you are job hunting and even when you aren’t looking. Your next dream job could be within your reach with the right knowledge base to make you attractive to recruiters.

Why Use LinkedIn for Job Seeking

But why LinkedIn? With the competitive hiring world we live in today, companies are now seeking out potential talent, rather than having the talent come to them. Companies invest in recruiters to spend their time hunting through LinkedIn profiles. But to get noticed by these recruiters, you need to have the knowledge of what they are looking for. Just like a resume, there are key tricks to get you noticed above the other 100 profiles. Read what our recruiters suggest below.

Tips From Our Recruiters

Build in Keywords

Katie – My number 1 tip would be to build in keywords through out your profile as much as you can (headline, summary, experience, skills, etc.). Keywords could be used by a recruiter who’s trying to find a candidate to fill a position or other LinkedIn members who want to connect with like-minded professionals. Some examples of keywords include technical skills, job titles, certifications, hard skills, and projects.

Keep Your Skills and Certifications Current

Shelby – Make sure that all your skills and certifications are current and up to date. Current and up to date skills and certifications easily allow LinkedIn recruiters and potential employers to see what certifications and skills an individual holds that are relevant to the job an employer is hiring for.

Creative Summary

Shea – Having an updated summary about yourself with a brief overview of your experience while highlighting your top skills is very beneficial. Adding some personal information allows an insight into your overall personality and what is most important to you.

Display Yourself as an Industry Expert

Jill – Make sure to comment on people’s post, not just like it. If you’re struggling with what to comment, engage with LinkedIn authors by showing your knowledge on relevant industry topics. Your influence and potential of getting noticed will be displayed further as an industry expert.

Professional and Recent Headshot

Krystal – It may seem like a silly reminder, but having not only a recent headshot but a professional one makes a big difference with LinkedIn. Get creative with your headshot. You don’t necessarily need to pay the money for a professional photographer. Rather, grab a friend and a smart phone to become your own professional photographer. An extra hint is to use the portrait mode on your camera.

Send a Personalized Connection Request

Justin – When requesting a new connection, send a personalized request through LinkedIn messenger. It only takes a few moments but will mean a lot more to the person receiving the request. It shows you value their connection by taking the time to learn more about them. See what interests them. Do they volunteer for the same organization you do? Or do you they have a certification that you want but need some advice on? Be creative and get those request sent out!

Follow these tips, and who knows, maybe tomorrow one of Sondhi recruiters will be pitching your next dream job in your LinkedIn profile. Check out their profiles here.

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