IT Talent Consulting

IT Talent Consulting

Attract, hire and retain the best IT talent.

You need the best IT professionals with up-to-date skill sets and can-do attitudes. Sondhi Solutions has the experience to make your IT team the best it can be.

We offer various talent consulting solutions for businesses. As an IT talent acquisition consultant, we can help you assess your team and determine if you have adequate resources and talent. As consultants, we act as the middleman between you and the IT team you have already developed to make sure communication is smooth across the company. And if you need an IT professional on board for a short project or part-time assistance, we offer temporary IT staffing.

We have the technical experience to act as an IT recruitment consultant where we can identify gaps or redundancies in your current IT team to be more efficient. When you’re evaluating your team or looking for new hires, you can always expect clear communication, flexible solutions and honest feedback from us. If you already have a great team, we can help you support and retain it.

Let’s build your IT team together.

Find and Grow the Right IT Team

Because we offer a wide range of IT services in our business, we have an edge as an IT talent acquisition consultant. From applications to security to strategy, we’re familiar with all the ins and outs of IT. Many of our clients are rapidly growing small- and medium-sized businesses. They need an IT recruitment consultant to make sure they’ve hired the right professionals who can address organizational needs.

Are you looking for a full-time IT hire or contractor?

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Who Can Use an IT Recruitment Consultant?

Activities that may trigger a need for an IT recruitment or talent acquisition consultant to assess talent strengths and weaknesses:

New leadership or CEO

IT team member(s) recently left or retired

Understaffed IT team

Slow networks, programs or response times

Lack of IT representation in business decisions

Starting new projects

Rapid company growth

Need for temporary IT staffing

Our IT recruitment consultants can assess your current IT team structure and suggest improvements. We can also help you ensure you’re giving your IT team the right support and efficiently competing for the best talent. As with all our solutions, we can scale offerings to meet your specific needs.

Temporary IT Staffing

Sondhi Solutions serves a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes and offers temporary IT staffing in addition to talent consulting.

Temporary IT staffing allows you to temporarily hire one of our experienced consultants to complete a short-term project or to work part time throughout the week. We have already vetted our people to ensure they will mesh with your team to quickly assist with a range of tasks, from software development to project management and security updates.

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