IT Strategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

Our Computer Consultants Help Create an IT strategy that supports your business.

Your IT team might drive tremendous results. But even with the right resources, businesses need a sound IT strategy to succeed.

Our IT strategy consulting gives you the tools you need to set organizational goals, simplify decision-making and move forward as a unified organization with a stronger foundation. IT strategy consulting offers honest feedback and provides recommendations to make your team the best it can be.

In addition to IT strategy consulting, we can help specifically with digital transformation consulting to evaluate which programs and technologies can better support your business. If you need further support, you can bring us on as a virtual chief information officer (vCIO). A vCIO gives your organization technical and strategic expertise without the need to hire a full-time CIO.

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IT Strategy Consulting and Assessments

If you’re not sure where your IT strategy stands, we recommend an IT assessment. Through our IT strategy consulting, you receive a holistic view of your IT environment and how it fits into the overall business.

Depending on your area of focus, we can create a custom questionnaire to identify your IT posture and possibilities. Our IT strategy consulting makes use of automated programs, interviews with company leaders, evaluation of the market and competitive research. The resulting report includes recommendations for improvement to be implemented by your team or through a partnership with Sondhi.

What Can IT Strategy Consulting Do for Your Company?

Set clear organizational goals

Identify gaps or vulnerabilities in your IT strategy

Save time and money by finding the right IT resources

Better integrate IT into your overall business plan

Evaluate the need for digital transformation consulting

Identify challenges for your IT team

Determine the need to hire IT professionals and/or use virtual CIO services

Prioritize projects and initiatives

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Technology is changing how we do business. Digital transformation consulting keeps you ahead.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all business processes. This transformative process can fundamentally change how businesses operate by automating manual processes, better organizing data and more.

Digital transformation should first and foremost serve your overall business strategy and help grow your business. Through digital transformation consulting, we help determine the best modern technologies for  your individual needs. It can be easy to get caught in the hype of digital transformation and begin to spend unnecessary time and money updating as many processes and programs as possible. Digital transformation consulting allows you to take a step back to evaluate your goals, pain points and needs. Then we put you on the right path forward.

Virtual CIO Services

IT teams deserve a seat at the table where decisions are being made. Your IT team may have a small staff or an IT director who is too engaged in day-to-day work to plan strategically with the C-suite. Sondhi Solutions offers virtual CIO services to meet these needs.

A vCIO builds an ongoing relationship with your organizational leadership and IT team to provide strategic support. With a thorough understanding of your business goals, your virtual CIO can make recommendations, track your progress and implement systems to improve your business. Your vCIO can set strategic priorities, identify ROI, manage technology direction, support strategic vendor relations and improve network security.

With virtual CIO services, your IT team gets a seat at the table, and your C-suite gets a stronger, more connected business. It’s a win-win outcome for your team and your leadership.

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