Evaluating CoPilot for Your Managed Services

Let's Build Your Future: Evaluating CoPilot for  Your Managed Services

Evaluating CoPilot for Your Managed Services

Cody Tyler (Left) Senior Director of Cybersecurity and Devin Breen (Right) Automation and AI Engineer


Exploring the potential of Microsoft’s CoPilot to revolutionize business operations, we turn to the insights of Cody Tyler, Senior Director of Cybersecurity and Devin Breen, Automation and AI Engineer. Their perspectives offer a deep dive into how CoPilot operates, its benefits, and the challenges it presents, providing essential guidance for organizations looking to adopt this cutting-edge tool.

Q&A With Cody and Devin

What is your involvement with CoPilot?

Cody: As the Senior Cybersecurity Director, anything with AI is going to be greatly impacted by cybersecurity, especially data management. Imagine asking CoPilot what you should ask for with your annual raise and it comes back with your coworkers’ salaries because it has access to the data! We need to make sure that appropriate data policies are in place.

Devin: As an Automation and AI Engineer, I engage with CoPilot daily, constantly exploring its capabilities and pushing its boundaries. My focus is on devising innovative use cases that demonstrate its value and practicality for our clients, ensuring they can leverage its full potential to enhance their operations.

Can you give a brief description of what CoPilot is?

Devin: CoPilot is a Microsoft platform that connects people who need help with various tasks to experts who can provide guidance and assistance. CoPilot allows users to ask questions and request services. An out of the box feature I really like is asking a question from an experienced professional’s view point. For instance, “how would Steve Jobs use Microsoft to help manage his day better?”

“As we navigate the complexities of AI integration, it’s crucial to approach tools like CoPilot with a blend of curiosity and caution. Our role is to ensure that innovation does not outpace security and compliance, particularly when it comes to sensitive data management.” – Cody Tyler, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Sondhi Solutions

What can you do with CoPilot currently?

Devin: Email Management is a great use case. In Outlook, Copilot can assist with email management by summarizing long email treads, drafting responses, and even suggesting actions based on the email contact, such as creating calendar events or tasks. It’s also saves you time by providing real-time virtual meeting summaries, highlighting key points, action items, and decisions made during the meeting.

Cody: Copilot can understand and execute commands in natural language, allowing users to perform tasks more intuitively. For example, in Microsoft Excel, you can ask Copilot to “create a chart showing sales by region” without manually setting up the chart.

“It’s crucial to recognize that the journey to fully leveraging AI technologies is a marathon, not a sprint. Our recommendation at Sondhi Solutions is to begin with a targeted pilot program. This approach allows us to carefully assess CoPilot’s alignment with specific organizational goals and readiness for broader adoption, ensuring our clients can navigate this transformative journey with confidence and strategic insight.” – Devin Breen, Automation and AI Engineer with Sondhi Solutions

What glitches do you currently see with Co-Pilot

Cody: From the cybersecurity perspective, one of the main glitches we’ve noticed in CoPilot pertains to data handling and privacy concerns. Occasionally, it might retrieve or suggest information that doesn’t align with strict privacy standards or data access policies. This is critical as we navigate ensuring that CoPilot adheres to GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory frameworks.

Devin: On the technical side, there have been instances where CoPilot misinterprets natural language commands, leading to incorrect or irrelevant outputs. This usually happens with more complex queries or when the context is not clearly defined. It’s a glitch that CoPilot will improve through machine learning and updates to the AI’s understanding capabilities.

What are your recommendations for organizations to utilize CoPilot?

Devin: Personally, I think CoPilot is one of those things that is fun to play with, but not yet mature enough to make a large impact on an organization for the cost. The value isn’t quite yet there. It will be, but I would hold off on ordering the licenses for my entire organization. I would find 5-6 champions within your organization who can begin to test and utilize it. Make sure they understand the limitations and understand your organizations goals long term so they can see where it will have the most impact.

Cody: Those champions can also conduct a comprehensive evaluation that encompasses both IT security and a thorough cost-benefit analysis. This dual-focused approach ensures that deploying CoPilot aligns with stringent security measures and data privacy laws, safeguarding the organization from potential vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Sondhi Solutions will be your partner the whole way, assessing how CoPilot fits within your existing IT infrastructure and to develop strategies for mitigating risks associated with data handling and system integration.


Considering integrating CoPilot into your business but want to ensure it’s the right fit?  Let us help you navigate this process with expert guidance and strategic insights. Reach out to Sondhi Solutions today to initiate your selective CoPilot exploration and pave the way for informed, impactful adoption.

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