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If your organization needs to scale up or fill a skills gap, we can help. As a leading IT staffing firm, we serve as partners for employers looking to build their teams.

We have the network and expertise to help you find the right candidates. Whether you need to bolster your current team with interim staffing or a permanent placement, we’ll do the legwork to identify qualified candidates so you can fill the role quickly. Our specialties include managed staffing, contract-to-hire and direct placements.

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Our Staffing Services

Whether your staffing needs are short-term or permanent, we can help you achieve your goals. We specialize in technical staffing, covering everything from applications development to internal IT and cybersecurity. Our screening process goes a step above what’s offered by other IT staffing agencies, allowing us to deliver high-caliber candidates who get the job done right.

Contract or Contract-to-Hire

Some employers prefer to contract professionals if they only have a budgeted amount of work. Others prefer to hire candidates on a contract-to-hire basis. This allows organizations to closely analyze the employee’s performance over an extended period of time to gauge their expertise and ensure they work well with existing teams. For contract-to-hire positions, Sondhi Solutions handles all onboarding, benefits and payroll.

Direct Placements

For direct-placement positions, we’ll help you find a candidate who will become a permanent member of your team. As part of the process for identifying candidates for direct-placement positions, we’ll work with you to determine criteria for the position. Once we produce a pool of qualified candidates, you select the individual or individuals to interview. Unlike contract-to-hire positions, the client always handles onboarding for direct placements.

Managed Staffing

Through our managed staffing services, we can help you build a team with all the skills necessary for your projects. We provide on-site, embedded resources and services that can scale to meet your organization’s needs. Unlike many other IT staffing agencies, we can pull from our own pool of internal IT professionals. Managed staffing teams can be tailored to fulfill short- or long-term initiatives.

Each managed staffing team includes an on-site tech lead and a dedicated account executive. With this arrangement, the employer can focus on business knowing the team will stay on track and on budget. Sondhi Solutions oversees and manages all members of managed staffing teams, including benefits and payroll.

The Advantages of Working with an IT Staffing Firm

You want an IT staffing firm that can serve as a long-term partner, helping navigate the hiring process from start to finish. That’s exactly what we provide. And unlike other recruiting firms, we specialize in IT talent, which means you’re working with someone who actually understands the technical needs of your organization. See what else separates Sondhi Solutions.

In-house experts

Unlike some IT staffing firms, we have a comprehensive in-house team of IT professionals, including everyone from developers to project managers. This means we can pull from our internal talent pool to fill contract openings.

Thorough technical screening

Our in-house IT team also screens applicants to ensure they’re properly qualified for your team. This can include aptitude tests to gauge candidates’ proficiency in various technical skills, which is something many IT staffing firms can’t provide.

Commitment to quality

Our team will work with you to identify the qualifications and characteristics — both personal and professional — you want your candidates to possess. This means we’ll present only the strongest candidates.


One of our strengths as an IT staffing firm is our ability to reduce time-to-hire. We’ll dedicate the necessary resources to help you fill a position as quickly as possible.

Onboarding and compliance

Once you find the right candidate, we can assist with the onboarding process. For managed staffing and contract-to-hire positions, we can ensure candidates complete all necessary screenings, including background checks, drug tests and I-9 verification.

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