IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Keep your business running smoothly with outsourced IT management

Your business couldn’t run without its infrastructure. Although some businesses may regard it as a monolithic system, it’s actually a complex network of servers, access points and cloud storage, which all require regular maintenance and monitoring to keep operations running. Through our IT outsourcing services, we can make sure your infrastructure runs without interruption.

IT outsourcing can be a great option for businesses that have little understanding of their infrastructure or do not have the time or personnel to maintain it. Our IT infrastructure management team can assess and monitor your software, hardware and network so your business runs without interruptions.

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What’s Covered Under IT Infrastructure Management

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These physical components of your infrastructure may be the most noticeable: computers, printers, keyboards and other equipment.
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The programs downloaded to your systems are software and must be frequently updated.
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Your network refers to the way computers and users connect. IT outsourcing services can improve communication and speed up network operations.
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Cloud or virtual environments

Cloud storage and other virtual or remote environments, though not physically stored at your office, still constitute infrastructure.
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Your data and its storage are part of your infrastructure.

Even if you have an IT team in place, IT outsourcing can help move along IT infrastructure projects that need extra attention or personnel. With over a decade of IT outsourcing experience, our professionals know what it takes to maintain a business’ IT operations.

When Is It Time to Update Your Infrastructure?

Our IT outsourcing services cover a wide range of needs. Sometimes we identify necessary infrastructure updates during an IT assessment. The following may also signify a need for updates:

Slow-loading programs

Frequent Server Outages

Lack of storage space in the network

Devices that won’t connect to the network

Aging hardware or appliances

Lack of infrastructure knowledge

A need for IT outsourcing services due insufficient IT resources

Does this sound like a need for your business?

What to Expect When Working with Sondhi

Sondhi Solutions prefers to a proactive approach to IT infrastructure management. When you engage our IT outsourcing services, we perform an assessment to understand your IT environment, make recommendations and continually monitor your infrastructure.

Our monitoring tools can detect outages, so our agents can react and notify the business before it becomes an issue. We also set up automated backups to save and protect end user data. Our IT infrastructure management team frequently checks to see which network appliances may need patched. IT outsourcing takes constant updating and monitoring out of your hands and moves it to a seamless, more automated process.

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