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Customer Challenge

When Sondhi Solutions first approached the Town of Speedway, they battled a lack of trust and alignment with their existing Managed Service Provider (MSP), experiencing a lack of meeting SLA’s and responsiveness. Email security was minimal, with multiple Departments not using multi-factor authentication (MFA) or a well-defined usage policy for staff. Users still utilized Office 365 and needed the ability to collaborate as a team in real time and leverage the intelligence of the cloud. At the same time, plans to move to a new building were in the works. With the new building move in date approaching and no clear blueprint for their IT infrastructure needs, the Town needed to make a change, and make a change fast.

"The Town of Speedway was in desperate need of an IT upgrade. Sondhi has been a tremendous company to partner in order to make this upgrade a reality. The work order ticket system is great and helps both Sondhi keep a good record of problem spots, and the Town understand where there may be a need to upgrade. The Speedway Fire Department uses so much technology for our day-to-day operation. It is very reassuring to have a partner like Sondhi to depend on."

- Bob Fishburn, Fire Chief

Customer Solution

When transitioning from their previous MSP, we knew we needed to shift Town leadership’s mindset of their IT investment. Prior experience for their staff and constituents had everyone at low morale. We immediately stepped in to provide the Town with the level of service they should expect to meet their everyday needs and reduce the number of issue tickets submitted by staff. By providing advanced 24/7 monitoring, managed services, system maintenance and documentation, and ISP Hosting Services, we showed the Town what true, proactive IT services meant. We also placed a shared onsite Technical Resource for support during business hours and provided access to after-hours support including weekends through our service desk.

Customer Value

We implemented a comprehensive ongoing cyber security program that included a baseline assessment and mandatory online training for all users. We created a device usage policy to define appropriate usage of town-owned computers and cell phones. To provide technical expertise for their new building, we performed an IT Assessment that detailed to Town leadership what their immediate needs should be for the new building, and a roadmap for future improvements. We provide the Town a proactive approach to technology through 10 hours of leadership time a month, to discuss current pain points, wants for the future, and how their current budget can get them there.

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