Improving Workflows in a Manufacturing Company

Improving Workflows in a Manufacturing Company












A manufacturing company approached us with a request to assess their current workflows and to develop an application that would help track and improve employee productivity and efficiency. The company is facing challenges with manual processes, lengthy approvals, and difficulty in tracking the status of work in progress. They needed a application developer to streamline their processes, reduce manual effort, and increase visibility into the operations.


Sondhi Solution’s objective for this project was to assess current workflows, identify areas for improvement, and develop an application to enhance employee productivity and efficiency. Our goal was to streamline processes and minimize manual effort, while also increasing visibility into the operations. The resulting workflow application aimed to improve workflows, provide greater efficiency, and enable better decision-making through enhanced visibility.”


The methodology for this project consisted of several key steps. First, a workflow assessment was conducted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current workflows and identify areas for improvement. This involved interviewing employees, stakeholders, and observing the processes in action, as well as reviewing relevant documents. The findings from this assessment were then used to gather requirements for the application during stakeholder workshops. A prototype of the application was created based on these requirements and was used to demonstrate the proposed solution and gather feedback. The application was then developed using an Agile methodology, delivered incrementally, and tested by the stakeholders. Finally, the application was deployed in the production environment and employees were trained on its usage.


The application has helped the manufacturing company streamline their workflows and reduce manual effort. The employees are now able to track the status of work in progress and approvals are processed faster. The company has also been able to increase visibility into their operations, which has helped them make informed decisions and improve their overall efficiency.


The development of the application has helped the manufacturing company improve their workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce manual effort. The application has provided the company with a solution that has helped them streamline their processes, increase visibility, and make informed decisions.