Employee Spotlight: Gary Farson

picture of Gary Farson, Consultant, Infrastructure.

Employee Spotlight: Gary Farson

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on Gary Farson, a dedicated member of our service desk team, whose passion for technology and helping others has made a significant impact at Sondhi Solutions.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in IT and join our service desk team?

I have always loved tinkering with computers starting with my first one – the Commodore64 and I haven’t stopped since! I built my own clear case, high graphics desktop computer which taught me the inner workings of a computer. I also get a lot of satisfaction from helping people. Combining the two together in an IT helpdesk role is the perfect fit for me and my skillset.

2. Can you describe a particularly challenging IT issue you’ve successfully resolved recently?

A recent issue impacting a large number of users involved many valid emails being suddenly blocked by Office365 for several clients.  After evaluating tenant rules and performing message traces it was determined that Microsoft had changed their ZeroHour Auto Protection (ZAP) feature causing previously unblocked messages to be blocked or sent to Junk due to more restrictive controls.  This function had to be turned off temporarily and a MS ticket created until the issue was resolved.  Meanwhile many tickets had to be worked to restore the messages back to the users’ mail files.

3. What’s your favorite part about working on the service desk and assisting our clients?

The variety of challenges each day always energizes me to do my best for our clients. I never know where I will be heading next to resolve whatever issue is facing the users and I love that aspect of the job. The variety of technologies each of our clients use gives me great hands-on experience and deepens my understanding of IT in a wide variety of industries.

4. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and developments in IT support?

Watching tech videos in my spare time,  reading various articles about new trends in online apps such as Reddit, talking with other friends who are in IT about new tech, participating in any training offered by the Sondhi L3 tech group (recently had a Fortinet firewall config session by Ayo that was very informative! Thanks! ) and keeping up with certifications and training.

5. Could you share a memorable client success story or experience that made a significant impact on you?

Recently a user who regards herself as a non-savvy tech person needed a new laptop and a lot of assistance in transferring her data from the old to the new.  I talked her through each stage of the setup process, making sure everything worked with the new desktop equipment sent to her home office setup and provided her with some training on the new Windows11 OS system. In addition, when I officially handed it off to her, I also spoke with her son who is interested in getting into the IT field and gave him some advice on starting out his career as he is just finishing his education. I got a lot of satisfaction assisting her and mentoring her son and they were both grateful for my help as indicated by the best smile feedback I have ever received!

6. When you’re not busy at the service desk, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am an avid boardgame player and have over 3000+ games in my collection which I play with a wide variety of groups. I also like to get away from technology and visit my in-laws 30-acre trailer campground to go hiking, fishing and nature watching (in late April we go Morel mushroom hunting!). We also take several trips each year to different state parks with friends. I ama sci-fi fan, especially Star Wars, and have several collectibles related to the movies.

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