5 Areas Most Likely to be Outsourced


Appdev: Forty-six percent of companies outsource their application development, making this the leading category. About a third of respondents, 30%, plan to increase outsourcing for appdev. About 40% are hiring outside contractors for staff augmentation, and 36% are using consulting firms. They are turning to outsourcers for software development expertise, Salesforce development know-how, and QA analysts.

Web and mobile: Another 39% are outsorucing Web and mobile development projects. About 22% use managed service providers to meet Web and mobile dev needs, 18% rely on consulting firms, and 16% have turned to cloud-based services. Skills sought from outsourcing firms include Android and iPhone developers, front-end developers, and UI/UX designers.

App hosting: About 28% use outside firms for application hosting, and are seeking expertise from Salesforce consultants, Eloqua consultants, and software developers in any and all languages.

App maintenance: About 26% employ outsourcing assistance for application maintenance, mainly through consulting firms (19%). Skills sought here include software developers (all languages), Salesforce admins, and systems analyst.

Data center ops: Another 23% turn to outsourcers for data center operations, primarily with managed service providers (22%). The skills that are needed include data warehouse architects, data warehouse developers, and data warehouse QA professionals.


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